Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System


A residential sprinkler system benefits you in two major areas, it lets you manage your water usage and reduce costs through long term saving on water and by not over-watering or under-watering your lawn you'll have the most beautiful lawn possible.  

You'll have improved water management  - with your lawn getting water when it's most beneficial - on schedule.  With appropriates watering zones, each area of your lawn will get the right amount of water based on how much sunlight it receives.  And getting water at the optimum time of day allows your lawn's root system to take in the maximum amount of water and energy.  

If you already have a sprinkler system, Aitkens OnDemand can evaluate, recommend and make adjustments, and repair your existing system, replace timer or pumps.

Free estimates for irrigation systems
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Keep your lawn lush and healthy with an efficient irrigation system

  • well and pump installations
  • system installation to include underground pipe and connecting sprinklers
  • repair of broken valves, broken lines, and sprinkler heads
  • replacement of timers and pumps
  • irrigation adjustments to ensure coverage of plant material

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